Articles and Books / by Gimeno Guitart

Miguel Guitart has published a number of articles in peer-review journals as well as two books in the last few months:

The research text "The Failed Utopia of a Modern Vernacular: Hassan Fathy in New Gourna" was published in the Journal of Architectural Education JAE 68:2, entitled Building Modern Africa, with David Rifkin (Florida International University) and Itohan Osayimwese (Brown University) as Theme Editors.

The article "Reshaping Robert Adams' Landscape" was published in ZARCH Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Architecture and Urbanism Vol.2 (Rethinking, Remaking). The peer-reviewed journal is the official publication of the Department of Architecture at the University of Zaragoza. Guitart's article explores Adams' vision on the transforming landscape of the American West in the 1960's due to the disurbanization of American cities during the Cold War years.

Guitart published another article on the third issue of Rita_, the peer-review journal of Red Fundamentos, which represents the largest association of Schools of Architecture in Spain and Latin America. With the title of "Searching for Light in the Earth: Under the Vaults of the Royal Bath at the Palacio de Comares", Guitart continues his doctoral exploration of the space qualified by filtered light, in this case, inside the characteristic space at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

Guitart has also published the article "Densidad material en los filtros cerámicos: de Melnikov a Breuer" ("Material Density in Ceramic Filters: from Melnikov to Breuer") in Ensayos sobre Arquitectura y Cerámica vol. 6 (Essays on Architecture and Ceramics vol. 6) II congreso mayo 2013 (ISBN: 978-84-9406-455-5), published by Catedra Cerámica Madrid-ASCER.

Guitart has co-edited the book Emak Bakia! Design Processes Around Man Ray's Emak Bakia House. The book is the result of a Research Studio around the documentary film Emak Bakia! (Basque for Leave me alone!) in Biarritz, France, that took place in the academic course 2013-2014 at the School of Engineer and Architecture at the University of Zaragoza. The book, co-edited by Iñaki Bergera, Eduardo Delgado Orusco, Miguel Guitart, Jesús Leache and Ana Morón, has contributions by famous Spanish writer Bernardo Atxaga and filmmaker Oskar Alegria, and has been published by TC Cuadernos.

Finally, Guitart has published the book La piel profunda / The Depth of the Skin with Spanish editor Asimetricas. The book, with a double edition in Spanish and English, is an introduction to Guitart's doctoral research on light and filters, whose full publication is under preparation.