Serie de conferencias / Lecture Series, UPSAM, Madrid, 2010-2011 / by Gimeno Guitart


The series of lectures organized by Miguel Guitart and Israel Alba at their Studio class of the School of Architecture of the Salamanca Pontifical University Madrid Campus has finally reached the end. We have enjoyed the visit of six architects from four different architecture offices that have provided us with a deep insight and new visions. Thanks to all!

Daniel Gimeno Doménech. Gimeno Guitart, Madrid Sacred Spaces 2010.11.16

Javier Simo y Beatriz Pachón. Made In, Madrid Maritime Cultural and Popular Music Center Internacional Competition, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2011.03.24

José María Hurtado de Mendoza. Estudio Entresitio, Madrid 132 social dwelling tower in Ensanche de Vallecas 2011.03.31

Luis Pancorbo and Inés Martín. Pancorbo Arquitectos, Madrid Designing social housing. Case studies 2011.04.04